Tokeer Ahmad

  • Designation: full Professor at Department of Chemistry, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Country: India
  • Title: Making Heterostructured Nanocatalysts for Hydrogen Generation


Prof. Tokeer Ahmad graduated from IIT Roorkee and Ph.D. from IIT Delhi. Presently, he is a full Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Prof. Ahmad has supervised 11 PhDs, 77 postgraduates, and 9 projects, and published 147 research papers, one patent, and two books with research citations of 5155, an h-index of 44, and an i10-index of 104. Prof. Ahmad is an active reviewer of 123 journals, delivered 117 Invited talks, and presented 126 conference papers. Prof. Ahmad has received the DST-DFG award, SMC Bronze and ISCAS Medals, Inspired Teacher’s President Award, Distinguished Scientist Award, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Excellence Award of Education, Teacher’s Excellence Award and was elected a Member of the National Academy of Sciences India. Prof. Ahmad has been figured in World's Top 2% Scientists for consecutive three years in both coveted lists including career-long by Stanford University, USA.


Multifunctional nanostructures find the possibility for their applications in water-splitting processes for hydrogen generation as a renewable source of green energy. The studies of some multifunctional nanoparticles especially heterostructures by chemical synthesis reveal the formation of monophasic structures with a fairly uniform distribution of nearly spherical particles, high specific surface area, and visible optical band gap. Photocatalytic generation of hydrogen in the water splitting process by using as-prepared doped and heterostructure nanoparticles has also been studied under visible light irradiations which showed a significant H2 evolution reaction rate. The development of nanostructured catalysts has also been preferred to carry out the heterogeneous catalytic organic transformations because of a greater number of surface-active sites for catalytic processes, their high catalyst recovery rate, especially their environment-friendly nature, and their ease of synthesis. Herein, we also discuss some nanocatalysts for certain organic transformation reactions with enhanced activity as well as in water-splitting reactions for hydrogen production.

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